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Silverlight, a new entrant in the field of Rich Internet Applications from Microsoft, is rapidly emerging as a strong challenger to Flash, Ajax and Flex. Various factors like Microsoft's huge development community, the high browser share of Internet Explorer, and the company’s dominance of the desktop operating system market are contributing to the increasing consumer adoption of Silverlight.

Advantages of Microsoft Silverlight

  • Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in
  • Designed to deliver the next generation of .NET based media experiences and Rich Interactive Applications
  • Offers a flexible programming model - supports Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing Web applications
  • Freely available for all the supported browsers and platforms
  • Supports features like flexible 2D vector graphics, overlaid video, and powerful transformations and animations
  • Supports speedy, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video
  • Has the ability to deliver high-fidelity media experiences on a broad set of system configurations
  • The plug-in is comparatively light, weighing in at just a few megabytes
  • Has the ability to update itself automatically
  • Supports speedy, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video Silverlight applications run smoothly on the major operating systems - Windows and Mac OS X

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