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Real estate management software that is designed for the individual investor or small business owner of several rental houses, apartments as well as to manage schedule and track the payment of rent as well as other services or facilities you provide to your tenants, properties, accounts, property maintenance support, suppliers, insurance, landlords in addition to managing the usual tenant, reference, guarantor and deposit details. This software covers all the functionality related to Real Estate Web Application, tenancy management software, sales and online Real Estate marketing, managing all the information related to their payment, lots, legal document, inspections, reports etc.
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A real estate management system has following features:
  1. Company management module
  2. Lot management services
  3. Category management like area, business, department etc
  4. Common utility charges module
  5. Checklist module
  6. User management
  7. Sales & marketing module include documentation, perform invoicing, enquiry module
  8. Enquiry management
  9. Tenant selection process
  10. Booking management systems
  11. Allocation, inspection, installment, fit out, delivery premises slip, agreement status
  12. Daily, monthly, late interest process, remainder process, to do messaging, rental projection, period setup

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