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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications.

In addition to greatly enhancing user interaction with Effective web applications, AJAX enabled sites also increase the speed and responsiveness of data driven web sites by only making calls to the server for required data. This negates the need for a web page to reload in order to display new data sets and provides a more seamless user experience.

Using AJAX, the divide between a web based application and a rich client application that installed locally on a user machine has greatly narrowed. Web sites built with AJAX can provide all the benefits of a web based application without compromising on the rich user experience of a traditional application.

CCS Solutions Application Solutions Group can help you formulate, design and develop a powerful AJAX web application or enhance an existing web site/application with AJAX technology.

CCS Solutions expertise in AJAX technology coupled with our proven track record for Effective web application development can help you and your business compete and thrive in the new Web 2.0 world.

CCS Solutions Application Solutions Group has many years of proven experience in providing our clients with cost effective business solutions by leveraging the latest technologies. We can help you to create SharePoint based work spaces that can be used as a springboard for creating complex, scalable, and extensible web based applications.

Highlighting some of the functional aspects of Ajax that makes this technique as the most preferred web development technique among architects, developers, and product managers are:
  • In all applications developed through this technology every user's action that would make an HTTP request gets transformed into JavaScript and summons the Ajax engine.
  • In order to enhance the functional timing, any reaction to user's action that does not require any trip back to the server like: simple data confirmation or data edition in memory are handled by the engine on its own.
  • In case the engine requires some piece of information from the server so as to present a response, like: submission of data for processing, loading added interface code- the engine places these requests by using XML, without delaying a user's interaction with the application.
  • Ajax Frameworks :jQuery , Prototype, script.aculo.us, ASP.NET Ajax Framework, EXT Js
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